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"Welcome to hope and healing!"


Solutions Over Sides

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Solutions Over Sides empowers girls and women in difficult and desperate times. The wisdoms and exercises in this book will empower you to overcome and lead you throughout your entire life.


Ann Payton shares her story of trauma: having an abortion, rape, drug use, and depression. She also shares other’s stories of adoption, domestic violence, save my baby, no place to go, and more.


Life has its struggles, but Ann's wisdom and stories will bring you to your knees and stand you back up.


This book is perfect for the woman who's had a traumatic past and needs help breaking through to a life of joy and finally–peace.


Hope, Loss, enCourage

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Take the risk and get out and do what YOU really want to do: WRITE!


Ann shares a methodical thought process and a trained mindset to get on the right page as it pertains to writing, self-motivation, and especially “right” thinking.


Writing takes time and practice. It is not only a thought process, but an organized writing process. Learn how to recognize your wins, even the small wins in every part of your life.

BONUS: Receive your free writing guide with any purchase of this book, online courses or workshops.

What Readers Say about Ann's Books...

“Where would you be now if you hadn’t taken a risk and put yourself out there?” I’d be sitting at a desk in a job I thought I was supposed to do, but not enjoying life. Through this great read, Ann brings real-life experience as she gives answers to the question we all ask following a life failure…”what now?”

Kevin and Sarah Cherry, Publishers of Hoosier Neighbors Magazine

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